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Our Mission 

We aim to create awareness on the global existence and impact of mental health issues on our society thus the need for mental well-being through aiding the youth to identify existing mental health issues and allowing them access to the tools and resources necessary for their resolution.

what we do

Our Integrative Approach 

Mental Health Support

We will apply evidence-based practices from Community Psychology Practices to integrate the student/individual into their environment which in turn allows them to utilize all available resources offered by their environment.

Personal Development programs 

We use conversation as a tool to improve the client's wellbeing through performance coaching. We help them analyze their skills, potential, and resources available to them and how best to use these factors to achieve their set goals.

Human resource development 

 We facilitate career planning through mentorship whereby our clients interact with professionals in their prospective fields. The interaction warrants a real-world outlook of the future, allowing our clients to make more informed decisions. We always look out for current data regarding best practices in a field and showcase these trends to our clients. We develop the client’s professionalism enabling them to comfortably interact in a business environment as an entrepreneur or employee.

Technological  Support

We fully embrace technology as a tool for progress. We can reach our clients anywhere around the world with mobile networks and the internet. We encourage our clients to utilize technological resources by providing a technical expert they can consult for their respective needs. We research best-fit solutions and present a layman's view to our clients who in turn can comfortably access and use any technological resources at their disposal. 

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Why we do what we do 

Mental health is an area where much has been done and much more needs to be done because of these facts .

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services we offer

Our model focuses on working with our clients to co-develop solutions We understand each case is unique and deserves a unique outlook.

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Mental Health & Me.
Mental Health & me

A Teen and Youth mental health care program that works with students to develop a culture of mental health support and acceptance of mental health care through co-developing mental wellness practices, and approaches to issues facing this population subset.

Accountability Partner Program
Accountability Program

A support program for people mainly diagnosed or self-identify with mental health conditions to maintain and/or improve their mental well-being. Each client gets access to a peer supporter who helps co-create, enforce and sustain a peak-wellness lifestyle program.

Yelow Paws
Suicide Prevention

 A suicide emergency response program that caters to high-risk patients with suicidal behavior and those who have attempted suicide and provides continual support in their journey to recovery. We also create awareness about the existence of suicide and the measures in place to stop its occurrence.

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