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Integrative Wellbeing 

Our working experience in mental health constantly leads to an integrative approach. 100% of our recovery cases focus not only on the condition, but also all aspects of the individual's life. We have developed a client-focused system where each case is dealt with uniquely.

We understand that each person has their own set of opportunities and challenges and a generic one-fit-all approach does not work for everyone. Instead, we focus on the clients as their best expert and use our expertise to guide them through the path they choose.

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Our History 
Yelow Paws
The On-Campus Initiative

It all began as a campus initiative by our founder after having a lived experience. The Question he set out to answer was "How many more people are going through something all alone and have no way to get help?" He conducted on the street and door to door reach outs on campus and got an overwhelming response. At the same time, the number of suicides had sky-rocketed and a small team of young students were at the forefront of the fight to prevent more suicide cases.

A more preventative Approach

The more we worked, the more we realized that we could intervene at a much earlier stage before the crisis point. We also faced a lot of stigma due to misinformation. We decided to take on a more preventative approach. We introduced presentations, on the street ' ask me anything' campaigns and a lot of social media content to create awareness. We also started our follow-up programs for people who we had helped to avoid relapses


 We learnt that interventions are necessary, preventative approaches to avoid crisis points are necessary and the recovery journey needs wholesome support. We wanted to address all these areas through our services and we came up with Integrative Wellbeing. Now we deliver awareness programs that cover mental health, human rights, sexual health, and personal development through our Mental Health & Me program . Our main targets are the TEEN and YOUTH population who are at a higher risk of un-addressed mental health conditions or episodes. We still implement our Youth Against Suicides program, acting as the first defense during the crisis point. We also implement our specialized support programs to empower people living with mental health conditions and those with lived experience through our Accountability Partner programs. Empowerment leads to reduced stigma and allows the people to speak up about their condition and use their life-story as proof that they too are productive and integral members of our society.

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Our Guiding Principles

We implement the principles below to ensure a productive, respectful and comfortable environment for our team and our clients.

Participatory Inclusion
Embracing Diversity
Youth Empowerment
Accessible & Affordable Mental Health Support
Defending Human rights & Equity for all
Lives saved
Years of Experience
Community of Supporters
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